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The Tensiter group, which includes the companies Tensiter S.p.A., Tensiter Centro s.r.l. and Tensiter Sarda s.r.l., in order to constantly improve its services and processes, has decided to conform its management system to the indications given in the Integrated Quality and Safety Management Manual and the related procedures.

The guidelines that inspire the organization are:

  • Development of objectives consistent with the analysis of the context that are defined and measurable and preparation of adequate resources and methods to achieve them;

  • assessment of the expectations of customers and relevant interested parties;

  • adoption of procedures that allow the commitments made to be clearly established (both towards customers and internally) and to guarantee their compliance;

  • control of the requirements established for the products and/or services;

  • prevention of non-conformities, rather than correction of them during the provision of the service;

  • involvement of all staff in improving activities; training and motivation of staff to collaborate to achieve established objectives;

  • greater use of information technology and automated procedures.

  • supply from qualified sources;

  • rational use of human and structural resources in order to achieve the optimization of company processes.


The Management undertakes to implement a management system based on compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI ISO 45001:2018 standards, maintaining the certifications obtained from the accredited body and to satisfy the product requirements in compliance with the provisions for the CE marking of prefabricated buildings.

The Company's operational objective remains compliance with contractual requirements, with the implicit and explicit needs of the Client and/or end users, respect for the health and safety of workers. These objectives must be achieved by maintaining the competitiveness of its prices compared to the market and pursuing, improving it if possible, the necessary economic profit.

Through the organizational structure of the integrated Quality/Safety System, the Management promotes and supports all the actions necessary so that the processes and activities continue to be developed in an efficient and economically profitable way, maintaining a company management system based on the following fundamental principles:

  • compliance with contractual requirements;

  • compliance with current legislation;

  • continuous improvement of the product/service provided to the Client and/or End User;

  • constant commitment to preventing problems;

  • protection of worker safety;

  • incentivising its employees and increasing the quality of its suppliers;

  • return on investment for the property.

To achieve the established objectives, the collaboration of staff from all company areas is required.

The tool through which the Management operationally translates what has been declared consists of an improvement plan which is periodically renewed.

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