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Precast TENSITER articulated structures:

  • Bridges and road, motorway and railway overpasses

  • Rail-crossing bridges over operating railway lines

  • Artificial tunnels

  • Pedestrian underpasses

  • Utility tunnels

  • Urban underpasses/subway

  • Open air digged tube lines

  • Hydraulic tunnels

  • Pedestrian railway and subway station underpasses

  • Overhanging road widenings

  • Overhanging or traditional rockfall and avalanche protection tunnels

Precast TENSITER walls:

  • Retaining walls, land and road support walls and banking-retaining walls

  • Road and railway abutments, even for wide spanned bridges

  • Floodwalls

  • Walls for the arrangement of very large landslides

  • Retaining walls in steep slopes

  • Factory yard backing

  • Preparation of building sites

  • Cavity walls for civil or industrial buildings

  • Retaining walls for private lands

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