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Tensiter is specialized in developing, producing and on-site installation of reinforced concrete structural precast elements.

The company, founded in 1962, has become renown thanks to the proven reliability of the built structures and to the constant commitment in finding innovative technical solutions.

Production is used for the execution of road and railway works and for private commissioning.

The structures executed by Tensiter offer high endurance and reliability in every field of use and are successfully used in every intervention, even in difficult circumstances, like arranging very large landslides or constructing railway bridges without stopping the service.

Tensiter structures are also employed as riverbank protection along some of the most demanding rivers and are widely used in highly seismical areas.

The building procedures developed by the company allow a very quick execution.

The services we offer include, beyond the supply of our prefabricated elements, structure design, on site assembly and a consultancy service for the best use of our structures in projects.


The production embraces the following fields:

- Bridges, road and rail-crossings, from 2 to 28 metres wide

- Road and railway artificial tunnels

- Precast retaining walls, up to 13,50 metres in height

- Overhanging rockfall protection tunnels and road widening, span up to 11 metres

- Abutments for bridges of any load

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